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IT Support

AffinIT can help advise you on how to invest in your IT infrastructure to help your business grow and expand. We can help you to ensure your infrastructure can cope with the demands that a small business can place on it while still enabling you to retain those important small business qualities such as low overheads and the ability to make quick decisions and business changes that make you able to compete effectively.

IT support

Professional support & consultancy

IT Support is a big part of our business but doesn't need to be a big part of yours. AffinIT offer either ad-hoc work as required or support contracts to ensure there is always someone keeping an eye on your infrastructure and giving your business the stability of one known monthly cost for your support. Technology is key in our services too, we have invested in several state of the art software packages to ensure we can, where possible, remotely support and fix your infrastructure without ever having to jump in a car. This means that our costs are kept to a minimum and we pass on those savings to you. We also have a ticketing system that allows us, and you, to track the progress of faults or problems you have reported.

Ticketing System / Knowledgebase

Online support & tracking

AffinIT have invested in a ticketing system which enables you to raise and then track the progress of your problem. If you take on a support contract with us we give you a personalised support "portal" which also has a knowledgebase, downloads and online troubleshooter personalised to your business and IT infrastructure.


Let us keep an eye on your systems

On our more comprehensive packages we include a monitoring option (optional on lower packages). We use a software program that allows us to check over 200 different conditions on all sorts of IT equipment and then to alert us as soon as a problem occurs. This enables us to react to and resolve problems sometimes even before your staff or customers have noticed there is a problem.

Remote Control

Fast access to solve your problems

We use a remote control package that allows us to take control of any machine that has an internet connection (including 3g connected machines). Use Mac or Linux? Our application works flawlessly with any operating system in mainstream use. If you have a support contract with us we can also give you the option to allow us to install a small remote support application on your PC's and servers that allows us to take control quickly and with no minimal intervention from your staff. All communication is secured using the industry standard SSL encryption to ensure your data and passwords are kept safe.

Full documentation

All your systems documented

When a contract is taken out with AffinIT we ensure that a technical document listing details of the IT infrastructure is retained and updated by our staff so that we are always working with the most current information. This document is always available to you upon request. In fact, we understand that sometimes, no matter how good our service, there may be a time when we part company which is why we guarantee to supply a copy of this document to you upon termination of the contract so you have a written, up to date snapshot of your infrastructure.

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